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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

are you offended yet?

I wrote a blog about the radio stations in Canada that were not playing the Dire Straits song 'Money for Nothing' because there is an offense term for gays in the lyrics.

Well, let me declare I am offended at the title to this movie (and the first movie in this series.)

You can't say the name, or think it, without thinking of the Mother of all offensive words.
In this case, that was exactly what the people who named the movie were going for, to remind us of that word.

I feel like this is a slap in my face. I shall not see the movie, I know the economic hit the movie makers feel will, most likely, not cause much grief, but I wanted to stand on my soap box and vent.

I feel a little better.

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McKayJoice said...

I agree, 100%.
Ps- I like that 'Mandolin wind' song by Rod Stewart you have there on the side.
He has a great voice.