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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Sometimes the Best Inventions are Unintentional

I bought my first pair of shoes online a short while ago.
(that is not to say they were the first pair of shoes I have ever bought)

The Shoes fit and look nice.
But the insole on the left shoe started sliding around so I pulled it out and used some pretty strong glue on it and stuck it back in

I let it dry for a while, but obviously not long enough because when I stuck my foot in the shoe I couldn't get my sock back out.
Because the sock was a perfectly good sock I didn't want to rip it out.
Here is the good news:  Now, when I pull on the Sock - the shoe comes with it!
I am busy contemplating what I will do with all the time I am going to save.
It was so genius that I promptly glued the other Sock in the other shoe.


WhitneyJoy said...

awesome, we shall call them 'Matts'. I'll take a pair!

Jeffery said...


Connie de said...

What happens when... oh never mind. Great idea.