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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Beware or Be Aware

National Accordion Awareness Month

June is National Accordion Awareness Month (NAAM). National Accordion Awareness Month was established in 1989 to help spread the word about the resurgence in popularity in the accordion and to educate people about the accordion. Would you like more information?

June is Goat Trauma Awareness Month!

In order to promote widespread knowledge of the dangers of goat trauma, The Childhood Goat Trauma Foundation has designated June as Goat Trauma Awareness Month. Throughout the month, the CGTF will sponsor programs across the country to teach people of all ages about the dangers of goat traumas.

These programs will inform the public about all aspects of goat trauma, from avoidance to coping with the aftermath of a trauma. Counselors will also be on hand to help anyone who has already been a victim.

so much to be aware of....
and please, let's celebrate responsibly


WhitneyJoy said...

this is too awesome!

Matthew said...

and, I heard about this on the radio:INTERNATIONAL CLOTHESLINE WEEK (ICW): (As registered in the Chase's Calendar of Events)

* When: Annually, the 1st Saturday in June, for one week.
* Next date: June 4, 2011
* Location: World Wide!
* Description: For at least one week,

Connie de said...

What in the heck is Goat Trauma?

Matthew said...

Exactly, this is why we need an awareness month.