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Friday, November 30, 2007

TV Station Onscreen Logos and Ads

I went to a TV station web site to put my vote in that they need to get rid of the on screen graphics.

Before I had a chance to bitch, they had me check through the frequently asked questions to make sure I wasn't duplicating stuff that they had already addressed.

This is what I found:
Question: "Why do you choose to have the TNT logo at the bottom of the screen?"
It is now fairly standard practice among cable networks (and other broadcasting outlets) to utilize their onscreen logos during most of their programming. In this world of 300 or more channel systems, easy identification of channels is important. We have made recent modifications to our logo that reduced both its size and brightness and will continue to seek the perfect combination or convenience and unobtrusiveness. But the logo is here to stay.

You don't have to be any smarter then me to realize this is all a bunch of crap. Does anyone watch what is on a station because of what station it is on?! no. Wait, I mean HELL NO! I will not watch dancing with the stars just because it is on ESPN. I will not watch Judge Judy or the Suite Life of Jake and Josh even if it is on the playboy channel. In fact I don't know what channel TNT, ESPN or the discovery channel is. We all just go to the Guide and look at the titles (don't we?)

If TNT wanted to seek the perfect combination of what ever and unobtrusiveness wouldn't perfection be to have it be so opaque you couldn't see it? It would be the complete opposite of having Kera Hedgehog on the closer come out and shine her flashlight in my eyes.... right during the most poignant part of the movie. Talk about destroying the mood. And is this a sign of the times: a TV Station can put moving graphics over the top some directors movie that the director would not allow a video store to edit to take out offensive material because it would take away from the piece of art work he had created.

Nope I am not going to prof read this so read it and attempt to understand my meaning.

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