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Friday, November 30, 2007

Offensive Advertising

Does anyone else think this? There are Ads in the Media that are so stupid and annoying that I do not want to support that particular business.

here are three:
Wendys - that guy in the red pig tails and those people in the woods trying to knock down the trees. I must be old and stale but why does that make me want to eat their food?
Then Low Book Car sales: The jingles they make from the music that was popular when I was a teen are not a tribute to the music. It seems to me that they are making fun of the music that shaped my youth. I promise that I will never buy a car from them. Is that effective advertising?

last but not least is the hot n ready Pizza ad. That that lady would be offended is moronic. It is just stupid. I don't think I need to say more.

Common, do the people who pay advertisers to do this think "oh this is great, it is clever, witty and doesn't make me hurl"? I think that must be the criteria they use to judge: "Does it make me Hurl?"