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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Car repairs

I heard somewhere from someone who would be wiser then me since most people are, that if you are angry and need to vent you should write a letter and then not mail it. I guess it is very cathartic.

So I wont mail this (unless this doesn't help)

Mr. Sir, 23 July 2007

I hope paying an extra thousand dollars for to complete the service on my air conditioner entitles me to get my frustrations off my chest.

I left my 98 bug with Independent Imports with the impression that the air conditioner would be fixed if I had a new compressor put in for 1000$. It hasn’t worked for 2 years because I really couldn’t justify that kind of expense for cool air in a car that is only worth maybe 3 or 4 times that.

I like Matt; he is personable and was very explicit in what problems my bug has had. He always makes sure I understand exactly what the problems are. He informed me that there was something else wrong and it would be another 500+ to complete the fix. I was trying to justify the cost of 1500 now but since it was only 500 this time to get cool air I thought it would be worth it. As I remember it, I told Matt that it hadn’t been charged in over 2 years and asked if the system could have deteriorated or seals could have dried up or something like that, it seems I have heard of those things before. Maybe Matt remembers this differently but I said to go ahead with the additional 500$ fix because he reassured me that that was all it would take.

I came to pick up the finished project and it was blowing very cold. It was great. Again ask Matt about this but he said if it didn’t blow cold the rest of the summer to bring it back. I remember he used the word ‘guaranteed’ but that could have been my fantasy.

Well I just finished paying one more grand to get the job done again. You are probably smarter then me and can add that up quicker then me but that is 2500+ to get cold air in a bug that is not worth twice that.

Hang this up on your cork board, I dare you.

Matthew Orton.

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