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Sunday, August 5, 2007

intertwined lives

We see on the discovery channel such vastly different life styles of small villiages in some third world country or we are taught about the monks in Tibet or the fishermen and the way of life of a Greek family who lives on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea. But I have come to realize that right here in my home town we have at least two completely different cultures living side by side, using the same roads and stop lights. The reason for these two wildly differing life styles is monetary. We have the group of people who have minds that never entertain a financial concern, and then there the group who has the wife who has to work maybe more then 40 hours a week and the man of the house who holds down two jobs and it is everyday a question of if there is enough money to buy milk and bread and how they are going to put gas in the car, if it starts. These two groups of people have as different a life and concerns and goals and problems as the fisherman in Greece and the monk in Tibet. I don't know why I needed to put this in words, fortunately I am the only one who sees this.

radical chic noun (1970)
: a fashionable practice among socially prominent people of associating with radicals or members of minority groups

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