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Monday, June 11, 2007


Let me make a prediction. It is a pretty safe prediction because it is inevitable.

It is this. (The next words you hear will be my theory) Someone will create a car that runs off a battery. Now this is nothing new, Alexandra Paul wrote an article about her electric car that went 100 miles on a charge and hit 80 miles per hour faster then a sports car and cost the equivalent of paying 60 cents a gallon of gas in your basic car.

Here is her article: (

LOS ANGELES, California (CNN) -- I drive an electric car. Not a hybrid -- a gasoline-powered car that gets some help from an electric motor -- but a full electric vehicle. I plug it in at night and can drive 100 miles the next day and go faster than 80 mph on the highway.

So don't think "golf cart"; these cars have power and pick-up.

While you won't see many electric cars on the road, they've been around longer than you might think.

In 1900, electric cars outsold both gasoline and steam vehicles because electric cars didn't have the vibration, noise and dirtiness associated with gas vehicles. But soon afterward -- with the discovery of Texas crude oil that reduced the price of gasoline ……..

Go read the rest of it.

The car makers and critics claim there are dangers and costs and obstacles in producing these and there probably are. But the car that Alexandra drove was built in 1996, since then we should have improved on what she was driving to the point that everyone should have an electric car in their driveway.

So to complete my prediction, Some one or some company will start to mass produce these and they will tap into a finance stream that will make them richer then Bill Gates. Do you realize that the USA uses more then 40 billion dollars of oil each month? There is the incentive to create the car. Someone will I just wish they would hurry up.

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