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Monday, February 15, 2010

In a previous post I thought out loud that there would never be enough good paying jobs for all the bread winners, no matter what qualifications they have. I have been mulling this over in my mind for quite a while, and I have finally come up with an answer. It might not be a popular answer, but it is the only one I have at this time.

The solution is comes from 1831. It is the United Order.

In an excerpt from a talk by Marion G Romney, he explains,
"The United Order exalts the poor and humbles the rich. In the process both are sanctified. The poor, released from the bondage and humiliating limitations of poverty, are enabled as free men to rise to their full potential, both temporally and spiritually. The rich, by consecration and by imparting of their surplus for the benefit of the poor, not by constraint but willingly as an act of free will, evidence that charity for their fellowmen characterized by Mormon as “the pure love of Christ.” "

So, although he may not be inspired, it sounds like Obama might be in the right ball park.

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