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Saturday, October 31, 2009

I have these old messages in my phone in box. They all make me smile.

From +18018304840 Msg: Just won you some tix... happy fathers day! -- this was while I was in the Wind Rivers with the scouts. I had earned points at the radio station, The End, and there was an auction for Sarah McLachlan tickets. This was the message that was on my phone from Whitney when I got reception coming out of the mountains - She and the other ladies in my life were in San Francisco. (as I recall) (the concert was fun)

From: +18018304839 Msg: Happy birthday dad, i love you so much. -- from McKay 2005

From: +18014727223 Msg: Hey everyone i 'm gonna be serving in the Mexico Leon mission yeah! -- Sean Preece

From: +18016918591 Msg: John Dawson just came by to tell me he is getting baptized this Saturday! -- from Creed

From: +18016918591 Msg: I'm an eagle! -- another from Creed, after his board of review

From: +18013692249 Msg: Does any one know who i have for seminary. -- from Michael Tom at the start of a new semester 10:11 in the morning.

From: +18014715466 Msg: Everyone is here! Bring her -- 6:44 pm 5/29/2008 'her' was Voe, the surprise party was ready

From: +18018304840 Msg: Mit romney just resigned! -- from Sam, we so wanted a Smart Mormon in the white house.

From: +18018304839 Msg: I love my bike so much! I bought a lock and drove it all around provo before work. -- From McKay

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whitney joy said...

the one from michael tom is hilarious.