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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Mr T

T has been associated with my division for maybe 20 years.
He has a silver tongue and seems to have magic abilities to make everyone think they are 'Special'

98 % of the folks I work with wonder why he is kept around. He is a deceiving, back stabbing, manipulative leach who has added nothing to our product. Has never been responsible for bringing us a client.

Loyalty means nothing to him. Integrity has never been able to find any foot hold in his character, most likely because his greed provides no extra space in his soul.

He has been known to blow off a meeting by telling people in our department that the air port was closed down because of fog. On further investigation, not one flight was delayed and in checking the weather, there was never any mention of fog. This type of behavior is typical in Mr. T.

I am venting at this time because, true to his nature, he has caused the postponement of the signing of the contract and installation of our latest greatest software by the client who has helped us develop this software. They will eventually sign with us and start using the software because they are getting a killer deal because they were our development partner. They know this software does exactly what they need. And for sure they will get it because Mr. T and his company, made up of him, his daughter and now his ignorant son, all of who know nothing about the workings of the software or hardware needed to run it, will be hired, by us, and will get paid six figures to install it. (so they will need to be trained by our people) So of course he will make sure he eventually gets that bone. But he has delayed it by suggesting to this client that they should make one last search to see if there is another software vendor who has a system that will fit better. Of course the search will turn up nothing, but Mr. T will be the one to do the search and will be paid incredible amounts to do that. Now listen to this: He did the same type of search for this same client about 4 years ago. Our client was directed, by Mr T, to the system that they are now using, that they have never been happy with and are now abandoning because it doesn't do what they need, in favor of our system. So let me be clear, Mr T did the original search, getting paid large consulting fees, and the system was a bust, it was the wrong choice. Now he is getting paid, again, to do the same search, even though they will eventually use our software.

How is it someone can be on the payroll for a company that sells the software that this someone is hired by a his own client to recommend software. Can you say "conflict of interests"?
yea, I thought you could.

I feel so dirty.
and tired - this has been going on for about 20 years.

Hello, I'll be your evil influence for the evening.


whitney joy said...

haha! your pictures in this post were awesome! who is this guy? do I know him?

Matthew said...

na, you don't know him, he lives in Wisconsin and charges all his travel to DHI (PCIS) and then charges it to the client he is working with at the moment.

McKayJoice said...

Why WHY would you put up with this?
20 years. . it sounds like this guy has it made, I feel like DHI would have a better grasp on things to let stuff like this go on for 20 years.

I love the pictures