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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Carpenters

I realized that I have a cupboard full of CD's that I used to like but haven't listened to in a whole long time because I ripped a lot of the stuff to mp3's. So I started listening to the whole CD and it has been kind of refreshing.
Sometimes because the songs are good and I haven't heard them in a lotta years.
Sometimes because It reminds me of times gone by.

Anyway I was listening to the Carpenters. Patty and Connie used to play them around the house, my Dad liked them and he took us to a concert in the early 70's at the smith field house at BYU. It takes me back to those days, and some are kind of sappy, but most are kind of fun.

Yea, most of the time they were high on LDS or LSD or some psychedelic influence.

I put a Ted Nugent 'Great Gonzos' CD on top of the Carpenters CD, I don't want my reputation going in that direction. (people can wonder why Ted has me all teared up)

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Connie de said...

One of Sara's friends put some Carpenter's songs on her ipod and we listed to them on the way to Fresno one day. "Don't cha remember ya told me ya loved me baby? Baby, baby baby baby, oh baby." It made me warm and fuzzy to sing along with them again (and Sara).