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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Numeric Page?

Andie now uses Sam's phone.

He added a pin number and this caught Andie.
So once again I had to call the service people at T-Mobile, this time to unlock a phone.
Every time they are so depressingly upbeat.
They keep rephrasing everything I tell them and say they understand why that would piss* anyone off.

After I talk with them they always ask if there is anything else the could do for me.

I then go on this tirade that is starting to sound more and more scripted.

I tell them that I leave my greeting and then the beep comes, and then the lady comes on and tells how to leave a message and tells how to leave a numeric page.
I then explain that I don't need or want the lady to follow up on my greeting.
I then rant and rave for just a moment about how nobody uses numeric pages. Then I ask how to shut the lady up.
The service person goes away and comes back to tell me there is no way to turn the lady off.
Now it comes my turn and sometimes I say that if man can land on the moon they can definitely turn off the message. Sometimes I compliment T-Mobil on all the wonderful things they do and say of course they could turn off the message lady.
It never works, I even ask the service person if they have ever used a numeric page. Of course they don't but they just wont cave and kill the wench.

I really do hope the the call was recorded, like they warned, and the King of T-Mobile would hear it - I do sound excellent the whole way through, practice makes perfect, after all.

And just so I wont feel the need to vent in another post, Why the freak do they ask me to tell the automated voice, the number I am calling about, and then when a real person comes on the line they ask again? (yip, I let them have another ear full about that)

*I toned it down from what she really said

Ashley Brilliant - I too am a member of the human race, (but admittedly not a very active member)


Parkazam said...

I think they make that message so long only to give you time to gather your thoughts. Let's say you're leaving a message right as you pull into your driveway; you probably won't turn off your car until you're done with your message. If the message is shorter because your thoughts are gathered and you don't repeat yourself the car stays on for less time and thus wasting less gas.

T-Mobile is good for fuel economy.

Matthew said...

Let's say that is a stupid excuse. You seriously are not defending T-Mobile, are you? silly person.