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Thursday, April 2, 2009

How Romantic

There is a sweet article about a guy who drops the engagement ring while proposing on the Brooklyn bridge and has to climb down to retrieve it.

I think is a nice story in this freaky world that is about to collapse.

I have a problem though, I have become so cynical of people who marry that I don't get any warm fuzzies when I read this story.
The media, all of it, has me believing that every teenager is crossing the moral line, or the moral line has been erased by... well... all kinds of groups and advocates and ideas.
Then the divorce rate is so high it is a joke to think the world places any importance at all on a marriage certificate.
And even those who are married, I get the feeling, are feeling too much, and it isn't with their spouse.

So I have been reduced to wondering why anyone gets married at all, unless of course they marry for time & eternity. - and even then I sometimes wonder.


Connie de said...

A lot of people get married because they have hope (they probably watch too much lifetime television). And they hang on for the same reason. That's as profound as I'm going to get...

Matthew said...

I think that is as profound as you can get, or need to get.