He who knows other men is discerning; he who knows himself is intelligent. He who overcomes others is strong; he who overcomes himself is mighty.

Monday, November 3, 2008

If you are a Christian, a person who has a belief in a Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ and believes the Bible contains God’s message to mankind, you have to realize that there are temptations in the world that man must resist/avoid in order to be found in good favor with God.

Just because someone finds those temptations more appealing then the actions God expects of us is no justification for an exception to the way God would have man act. It is the very idea that the temptations are so appealing that makes them temptations. Who would be tempted to act contrary to God’s word if it were distasteful?

God’s requirements will not change because men are weak and enact laws that say the temptation is legal.

There are no earnest Christians who do not believe that God expects man to overcome the worldly temptations and become stronger through the process.

Other problems arise when the laws support temptations. Impressionable and young individuals can entertain the ideas with the justification that the majority believe it is OK. If a person entertains an idea long enough he will be more prone to justify it, or feel he has a right to it.

Christian leaders, who teach that succumbing to temptation is wrong, then become targets of those who want to persuade everyone that it should be OK because of their unwillingness to resist the temptation. They make the Christian leaders targets because it would be counter productive to target God. Instead Christian leaders and the text of the Bible are held as out dated and incorrect. It wouldn’t look good to say God was outdated and incorrect.

The supporters of giving into temptation will speak long enough and loud enough that there will be many who struggle against temptation who will feel that they no longer need to struggle. If you believe in an after life and an accounting, you have to believe there will be those, who persuaded others to give in to temptation, who will be held responsible.

If a Christian believes in a God, they should also believe in a Devil. It is the Devil who is cheering when men give into temptation and encourage others to do the same.

It is the duty of any Christian who has been commanded to love their neighbor to fight against any and all temptation that weaken their neighbor and jeopardize their neighbor’s salvation.

Demanding equality between those who resist temptation and those who act contrary to what God asks of us will only mean something to those who are not Christians.

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Connie de said...

I wish I had (or made) more time to read your blog. You are pretty profound. I'll get up earlier!
Love, Connie