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Thursday, November 6, 2008

I added a world web cams to my iGoogle home page place. Now I can see random web cams from all over the world and it changes every so often. Sometimes it shows places where it is dark cuz I guess the sun can't wrap around the whole world. (my world will be so much different, including Giant pink bushes that smell awful)

And if you see something you like you click on it and you can actually point the web cam and zoom in and out and use your microphone to speak out of speakers that must be attached somehow to the web cam and talk to people.
So here is a street in Vienna in the evening (they must be on some really mean daylight savings scheme) and when you zoom in you can see that there is a SALE . I wish I spoke Vietnamese so I know what I was looking at.

And you can see people walk by and if you yell loud enough they will wave or do this Vietnamese finger thing . When you look down the street you see this fun looking store or something with cars driving by and people walking around. I Hope I don't see a mugging. I would panic and hyperventilate. I guess I could use a really deep voice and convince people I was GOD and tell them to play nice.

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