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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A few weeks ago Dan sent me a video clip that showed every politician you can imagine, Democrate and Republican, explaining why Iraq needed to be invaded and Saddam Hussein removed, by force if necessary. They all were climbing on board the big red, white and blue bandwagon to invade Iraq.

Now all those kiss a&& politicians are garnering support by saying it was all a terrible mistake that we were drug into by that stupid President Bush. They can do this because we little mindless people will believe whatever they put in front of us.
Let me just restate that nobody gets to be a President of the United States who isn't pretty smart, then they surround themselves with a cabinet of brilliant folk and they have to try and do those things that are best for America. What other reason would they be there? Yet everyone wants to take shots at them and show how smart they are that in hind sight they can come up with better solutions. - done ranting.......................................... for now.

We are in a situation in Iraq because we can. because no one else can or will and without the USA there would be a lot more pain, suffering and oppression in this world. the question isn't why are we there. The question should be why weren't we in Rwanda and Darfur and the dozens of places where starvation is stamping out entire cultures. We should be there because we can, even though it would probably take some sacrafice on our part but that should stop us.

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