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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Father, Son

I don't like my Father any more so then anyone else likes theirs.
But I do love my Father.
He wasn't a great athlete.
But he wasn't a klutz.
He didn't make millions.
But he was really, very smart about money.
He just had a blue collar job for most of his career. But he was smart, did I say real smart? with his money. I don't remember him ever helping me to swim, or ride a bike, I think that was my sisters. But he was always there for me. My best friend Roger Rigby was a real fast runner, super fast. One time after a little league baseball game the three of us had a race back to the car. I knew I didn't stand much of a chance so I didn't go around the outfield fence, I went over it. I figured win or lose at least it wouldn't be so noticeable how much slower I was. Well my dad won, he beat Roger.
My dad was never lazy.
He was always doing something, cleaning, fixing, yard work, washing his cars, doing stuff on his printing press in our basement, he went to all the BYU basketball and football games. He would mostly, only watch TV on Sunday evening - that was all. He vacuumed and swept and trimmed branches and planted tomatoes and chrysanthemums and petunias.

One time we were camping at Cedar Breaks up Parowan Canyon, and we took the .257 Roberts and went on a hike. We stopped at a lava flow and watched the woodchucks sun themselves, and then shoot them. When they would all run and hide he would whistle, they would all poke their heads up and we would shoot them again. A little .257 caliber bullet does a whole lot of damage to a Woodchuck. We then continued on a hike and came upon a rather large mound of sawdust. Surprise, Surprise my dad had work at a sawmill there when he was first married. He had been partly responsible for that mound of Sawdust.

I so enjoy Peter Gabriel. I found this clip of him. It is a song called Father, Son.

With my dad becoming old and a bit confused, this some made me a tad pensive.
My dad will be 83 next week. He is still funny, but I am not sure now when he is joking or confused. He still wants to buy and drive a new car. Now I am getting a lot pensive. I will stop writing.

that is my dad, and my two sons.
Max comes home next week, after 2 years.

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