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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I Am Awesome Because I Am A ChaCha Guide

As a ChaCha guide I could sit down and instead of randomly surfing the web I could surf on behalf of strangers and get paid a measly 20 cents for about 2 minutes work.

So I got to search and at the end I had enough money to buy lunch.

It was never about the money. Now if you don’t do enough searches you get knocked down to a 10 cents a query rate. Kind of insulting I think.

As a guide at ChaCha there are forums we can post in. Well I am not a big poster but I was reading one and then decided to vent about the insulting pay they are giving out.

More as a joke then wanting to Unionize the Guides I suggested we have an intellectual blackout on Friday and Saturday. Nobody posts until we get 25 cents.

A sit out if you will.

You wouldn’t believe the response I got from the other Guides.


To make a long post short, I am now the Chairman of the ChaCha Guides Fraternity.

I have two assistants and we have posted a list of grievances.

Oh yea there are grievances.

OK, that was all a big lie. Instead of being the CGF (Chairman Guides Fraternity) I got this:

Your ChaCha account has been deactivated for 3 days for Guide Agreement Violation. This is due to violations of the guide agreement and was specifically highlighted in the KnowledgeBase under ChaCha's Infraction & Response Chart.
Thank you.

Vice President Guide Care

Honest there was nothing about organizing a strike against management in the Guide Agreement. Maybe I had to read between the lines.

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Jeff Denison said...

so I guess cha-cha is not starting a union soon?