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Thursday, July 10, 2008

I would be more inclined to watch Survivor if only the winner survived.

How about it? Can we up the stakes?

Look Thomas and Mark let me come to Sunset Peak

I think the users of the software I write should have to pass a basic IQ test before they start.

We have one client who didn’t want to be able to add charges to a dead persons account.

There was a warning that popped up that said this person is dead, or something like that, but that wasn’t good enough. We couldn’t just warn them, we need to prevent them.

It isn’t like we don’t keep track of who makes any kind of update. (hey look a double negative) So if someone has a good reason to post charges to a dead person they can’t do it.

Couldn’t they just go to the person who just willy-nilly posts charges to a dead guy and say, “Do that again and find a new job that requires less brain power.”


whitney said...

I didn't notice this post until today. I loved that hike. And I completely agree, that woman should be transfered to the nearest Walmart to be a cashier.. at least till she starts ringing up dead people.

AllgauerJodler said...

My comments to the post:

Dead people deserve service too, Whit, you racist.

So, Matt... According to your programming, I guess you can take money with when you die.


That hike was a lot of fun.