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Monday, June 9, 2008

another rant about electric cars.

I have considered a lot of the objections to this Idea but None of them are justification for abandoning the Idea.

And here is My Idea:

The next words you read will be My Idea.

My Idea, By Matt Orton, (testing, testing)

Ok here it is.

Take a billion away from the stimulus package. The American tax payer isn’t going to do anything with that money that will affect the economy half as much as High Gas Prices.

Give Ford, Chrysler and GM 300 million and order them to create a total electric car for less then 12 thousand and have it on the market in 8 months. It doesn’t have to be fancy, just a glorified golf cart with headlights and a horn. But it needs to do 45 mph and have a range of 25 miles on one charge. It must also have 9 square feet of solar panels on the top. They can’t be very expensive, they gave Whitney the one that helped keep her battery charged on Her new VW Beetle. The Solar Panel doesn’t have to make the car run with out the battery, it only has to help recharge the battery if it is sunny.

Then take the extra 100 million and give it to the first company to sell 5000 of these cars.

That’s my Idea.

Now here is defiantly what would happen. The three motor companies would probably piss and moan but tell them they have to do this to sell any cars at all. After they were done pissing and moaning, they would start competing with each other. First one would produce a car that had a range of 35 miles and go 50 mph. the Second would create one that would recharge the battery half full in 7 hours in the sun. The Third would give you a range of 45 miles and have a real heater or remote door locks or something that would make their car more appealing.

The next thing that would happen is the public, because they are not just mad at high gas prices they are also scared (at least if they are smart,) would get one to run around town. In one year (and so this should have happened a year and a half ago) everyone would use these cars around town, with a range of 40 miles on a charge I am speculating that this would handle over 70% of the transportation needs . If the demand of gas dropped by 70% then there would be a real noticeable drop in gas prices. And then the farmers could afford to harvest and plow and send their crops and milk to market. The Truckers could afford diesel to haul things around. That is a good thing. You know that at some point at the rate gas prices are going they are all going to say “screw it” and stop driving truck, they won’t be able to afford to drive unless the cost of food all goes up 250% like gas.

Then the rest of the world benefits from the technology that Ford, Chrysler and GM and by this time Toyota, and Mercedes and Nissan have come up with and the global demand for Oil will drop and drop in a substantial way.

And eventually we can all have a car like this one that beat a Ferrari and Porsche in a race.

Or the one that Arnold Schwarzenegger has that goes 124 mph. once the technology is focused on it and these cars are mass produced.

But all this will never happen, and I don’t know why.

Do you?


AllgauerJodler said...

It won't happen because there's not enough demand to make a market for cheaper alternatives to fuel. As much as people say they hate high gas prices, they still pay them.

Matthew said...

Freakin! Please tell me it ain't so. The only way I can face each day is feeling there is a solution to the crisis in Spain and here in the U.S.

AllgauerJodler said...

Matthew said...

I just found out the Stimulus package was 110 BILLION $$$$$ omgosh.

Isn't there a better way to stimulate the Economy? Like Taking over Iraq, Iran Kuwait, And Saudi Arabia And getting all the oil for Free?

Connie de said...

Good plan. Could we put you in charge.
What is 'Dire Straits'...?
ps I heard the stimulas money is actually a loan we have to pay back with interest at some point since the govment doesn't really have 110 bill to give us...