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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

My previous post was concerning a guy who I will refer to as Stan, because I knew a guy named Stan once, and also cuz this guy who I was referring to is named Stan.

Stan supposedly created a car that would run 100 miles on a gallon of water. No other power source. I think this is highly unlikely as it breaks a couple of the laws of physics, but regardless of this he had applied for patents and claimed he wouldn’t be paid off by Big Oil Companies to not go public, even though they had offered 1 billion $.

(Stan was poisoned shortly after he said he refused the offer and is now pretty dead)

Now Hypothetically I wonder how far the US government should go in gaining access to what would be personal and private research protected by the Patent System in order to alleviate so many HUGH problems facing not just the US but the World? (there shouldn’t be a question mark there because I didn’t word that as a question, but I should have) Should the US step on the guys toes if he wants to keep his secrets, or do they solve so many of the world’s problems dealing with clean, free transportation, and not just transportation but energy in all it’s forms: Heating, electricity, pinball, desalination plants (that require too much energy to justify fresh water), and Casinos around the world? Imagine what the third world countries could harvest and produce with tractors and factories that ran on water. - are you imagining?

Maybe if Stan can break a few laws to do incredible things the US Government should do the same.

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