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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Fall Colors, Grandpa Gene and Hunting Rifles

Last Saturday I took Grandpa Gene up the canyon to scout out a campsite for the... well the scouts.

It had just rained a little. I don't know if that is why the colors were so vibrant, but they were. (vibrant that is)
Grandpa Loved to hunt and so I took the deer rifle he had given me and we stopped to shoot it.
We had shot about 6 rounds of ammo that had been reloaded a few times, the last time was in 1972. I went to eject the spent cartridge and it came out in two pieces. I learned later it is called 'case head separation' and it can be really dangerous so I am glad we chose to stop at that point. I put two pop cans out about 75 yards and I hit one on my first shot and Grandpa was as steady as could be and he hit his on his first shot.

We found a nice camp site although it could be filled up with Hunters when we go but what else can you do?

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