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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

He should have the right to have a pap smear.

My company writes software for doctors offices/clinics.   This is a request we got from a customer: Can we get a new gender added?  I know what you are thinking, but we have a lot of patients who fall under the category of Transgendered.  Our staff has attempted to do a pap smear on a 'woman', but obviously ran into an issue.  There is Insurance generation to consider, but if there was a way other than an alert to identify the individual as a transgender person, that would be helpful.  I'm sure we are about the only client of yours that would have enough patients with this scenario to fill this need.

What is the patient thinking when 'he' gets a call from his doctor saying it is time for her annual pap smear?   I am reminded of the man who wanted to be called Loretta, in Monty Python's "Life of Brian"  and the friends he was hanging out with decided that he just wanted the right to have babies, not that he actually ever would.   
So any patient, regardless of what God made them, has the right to a pap smear or circumcision. It is their inalienable right, as an American.  
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Whitney Orton said...

pursuit of the perverse.. I like that.