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Friday, October 21, 2011

Fall in New England

Some where on Cape Cod.

Not exactly on Cape Cod, but pretty close.

Martha's Vineyard

We missed the Cranberry Harvest by a week.
Mason, N.H.

Jason's Church, for 4 years. Vodie's for a couple of Months.


They Love their Republicans.
Old graves,   with Skeletons?!?
Two if By Land

Picturesque Chapel next to the Tempe.

Don't fire till you see...

York, Maine

Picturesque Temple next to the Chapel.

Ostracized Sea Gull,   I believe his name was Johnnie, or something

One of the Mayflower Boats


McKayJoice said...

Fun! I want to see all the pictures!

the5firds said...

Too many good memories. I saw the building in caimbridge that I went to church for 4yrs...

WhitneyJoy said...

Sooo jealous, I love these pics.

Connie de said...

Wow! Looks like a great trip. So glad you made it this time.

Connie de said...

And I can tell you're not really into details.