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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Exciting Career

Dale is my supervisor.  He has been the whole 24 years I have been at DHI.

Here are two things that he has experienced that can make your blood boil.

He used to own a flower shop with his (now ex) wife.  At one time she received an order from a guy who said he was in town for the day and had met up with another guy who sold old collectible Oriental Swords.  He needed 1000$ for a sword that he wanted to buy from this guy, He said he would like to put it on his credit card.  So he asked if it would be OK to order a fairly cheap flower arrangement and run the card for $1000 dollars plus the amount of the arrangement and delivery then include the cash with the card and then deliver it to a guy.   So she ran the card and it was approved.  So she said OK. The long and short of it all is that the card had been stolen, by the time Dale hear about it and checked into it, the bank had stopped payment on the credit card – or it had been unapproved.  So Dale and his flower shop got ripped off for over a thousand dollars.   Now, that is plenty irritating but keep reading: Dale has the guys phone number on caller ID.   He calls the guy back and vents, tells him he is going to come and burn his house down.  The guy tells Dale to go ahead, try and find me. And tells Dale his phone number will be changed by the end of the day and smugly tells Dale to do his worst.  The phone call is from a town in California, Dale calls the Cops in that city and they tell Dale they can’t help him.  Dale is incredulous,  (Not disposed or willing to believe; unbelieving)  he asks why and the Cop says he wishes he could spare the time for a mere one grand but he has murders, rapes, stolen cars and armed robberies.

The second story happened just 2 weeks ago.  Dale, Ken and I were in Oklahoma City for a week, for work.   While there Dale walked from the Hotel we were at, to a quickie mart and got some snacks. He used a debit card that he hasn’t used for many months.  Entered the pin and left with the treats.  The next week he goes to use the same debit card at a car wash.  It doesn’t work. He doesn’t think much of it. But then two days later he starts getting checks or automatic bill payments rejected because he has no money in his checking.  He goes to the bank to find out what is going on and they find out that someone has drained all the money - $2000 – out of his checking account. While there, they even saw the last charge go through for over 400 bucks.   The charges were all done over the internet most from places in England.  Dale told the bank who had to have stolen his card number and pin number, and the Bank said it was hopeless, the bank would reimburse Dale for the transactions that went through, but Dale ended up with late charges and a bad rep from the places that were supposed to get his payments.

Dale called the cops in Oklahoma and explained it. He told them they should be able to find out where the purchases were sent to, and where the guy had to work, who stole the information. The Cops, again, told Dale it would be a waste of time, He told Dale he could tell him they would do all they could, but it would be a lie.  There was just too many cases just like this for them to even start checking them all out.

So the bank, who issued the card to Dale, will just lose that money.

It might be a rewarding carrier, monetarily and other wise, to form a task force to go find these people and recoup the loses.  Somebody want to try that? Surely the cops would be OK with this.  You wouldn’t put them in Jail, they are too crowded.  Just go break some legs, set some cars on fire, and delete all the shows on the DVR.  I am sure there would be no shortage of work.


Mrs. Schmalison said...

I volunteer.

McKayJoice said...

This is outrageous! It makes me so mad to hear stories like this.

Dad lets do it, I need a job.