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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

What the heck is a fire ball!?!?!

On a commercial for home owners insurance a Lady praised her Insurance company because it had taken care of her and her husbands house after this happen:   She and her husband noticed that the sky had become a different color. So they went out side and saw a fireball coming towards them.  They ran back inside the house and quickly gathered up what ever was important and very handy.  they then went back out side and the fireball destroyed several houses in the neighborhood. 

Why haven't I been warned about this!!   

Just doing a little hyperventilating

Why do I first hear about this in an insurance commercial!?!?!?   

Shouldn't this be some kind of big news?   and what kind of fireball darkens the sky, or changes it color and has the size to destroy several houses, and yet the owners were able to run outside and look, and then run back inside and gather up stuff, and get back out. 

Did they live in a grass house community?

See if I sleep tonight!

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