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Friday, August 7, 2009


I was at the Rec watching some racquetball and struck up a conversation with this young kid.
He was in his mid 20's.
His name was Jessie and he has a sister named Holly.
He mentioned he had played tennis for Timpview High.
So of course I mentioned I was from Edgemont and asked what his last name was.
It was Nelson - nothing there. But then he said he was related to the Hayes'.
Then he asked if I knew a Susie Hayes!
Did I ever! I told him she was the first girl I ever kissed.
And I showed him the scar I have from her shutting my pinky in her door.
This was not because I kissed her.
Those two things are not related.

I was 4.
She was 4.
My sisters, Patty and Connie, and Kathy, Susie's sister, and there were more girls involved, maybe the Rigby girl, Pam? and maybe even the Nelson girl - anyway all these girls talked us into kissing.
I remember sitting on the chase lounge with Susie. And the big girls came and bullied us into it, they promised they wouldn't watch and put their hands over their eyes.
We kissed.
I would like to say it was magical but it was 46 years ago and we were 4.

I am pretty sure they peeked.


Mrs. Schmalison said...

gross, no more kissing stories

Parkazam said...

Jam, early bloomer.

Connie de said...

i'm pretty sure it was patty.

McKayJoice said...

It seems like something Patty would do.

How did he know susie? his Mom?

Matthew said...

McKay, do you remember Jessie and Holly? you and Whit played with them while living at Grandma's. Susie was his aunt.