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Monday, May 18, 2009

It is an insult.

If the punishment should fit the crime, then the punishment for the %&##&}~@! who first came up with the idea of a mail in rebate should be monstrously stupid.

And what kind of executives say to themselves, "What would our customers like?" and "What will build brand loyalty?" and then decide that the moron who came up with this idea is the guy to get behind?

Do the people who instigate this mail-in-rebate stuff dare tell their friends and family what they do? or do they evade the question like someone who is in any other scam thing.

Let me warn you're my friend and have been responsible for a mail in rebate, you best not tell me. Better yet, stop being my friend.


Connie de said...

Sounds a little like you've had bad experiences with mail-in rebates...

Matthew said...

Yea, and I kind of let the clerk know I didn't like to do rebates.