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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Scout Camp Outs

So we made some dutch oven cobbler. For my second time it turned out pretty good, you can even ask Sam.

I fried an egg and served it on a toasted English muffin and handed it to most of the boys while they were still in their sleeping bags. First time they have had breakfast in bed on a scout camp out.

I think I realize, and this is kind of a tough thing to admit, but while you are there it doesn't seem worth the effort. The nights are long, this one was really cold, you don't sleep worth a plug nickle
the food is good mostly because it is warm and filling. The campfire is always getting smoke in your eyes and ash on your pants and hair. You are dirty, so fashionable, and then when you get home it takes way too long to sort everything out, vac the van, wash the van, repack the tents with the broken poles, and clean the dishes that you didn't want to clean in the dark of the night or the cold of the morning. Then you forget that you were supposed to clean them until you go to use them the next camp out.

The best part of the camp out is always in retrospect after at least 4 months.

Casey did try to get ahead of all of us while hiking. He yelled, "So long suckers!" as he was running down in a dry stream bed and at the same time that he said the word 'suckers' he tripped and couldn't catch him self with his hands, he fell and kind of in slow motion, he kept on falling and rolling on some rocks, that looked like harder rocks then normal.

We will all think this was funny in 4 months. Well, we will still think it is funny in 4 months.

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whitney joy said...

a plugged nickle? thanks for the new lingo.

the bubbles are funny.