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Friday, April 4, 2008

Waiting Room

Here I sit watching my Screen, Waiting to buy Hanna Montana tickets for Andie.

Boy Back in the Day my Dad knew people in the ticket office and was always doing them favors. So when I needed tickets, I usually got pretty good ones. Now he is retired and they mostly only sale tickets online. But I had some really good Barry Manilow seats, Beach Boys and My Dad took me to see Neil Diamond when I was in my early teens, And I had some great Elton John Tickets.

Yip, yip, yip, BYU had some pretty decent popular artists. I had tickets to see the Cars and the group broke up the Day before they were to perform in the Marriott center. Maybe it is a good thing, I have since heard they were lousy live. But Barry Manilow wasn't lousy. No, No, No, He was in fact awesome. One of the best musicians/entertainers I have seen. And I have seen...... well just count them there are 4 almost 5 counting the Cars.

And still I sit here waiting to buy tickets in the BYU virtual ticket waiting room. the only BYU waiting line where they have real diet coke and you can check out nasty naked babes in the other windows. NOPE of course not. I don't even get tempted....

cuz you see I am a Dr. Pepper man. Ha! Ha! Ha!

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McKayJoice said...

So Mike at work has tickets that he will give you for 200$ each. . . he bought 20 of them. . . smart man.