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Monday, December 18, 2006

OK, I am scanning the channels and see that Lord of the Rings – Return of the King is almost over so I click on it. I have seen the movie and read the book, the two are reasonably close except the book only ends once. If you have seen the movie you will remember the part where after the ring is destroyed Frito or Frodo is laying on the rock pretty much dead and surrounded by hot lava (is there any other kind?) and the Eagles appear and gather him up in their talons. About this time I get crime scene tape across the bottom of the screen and out comes that chick from the TV series ‘the Closer’ she looks around at my TV and then turns the light on ME! Well when the light points at me the bottom right quadrant of the TV is so bright you can’t see anything behind it. If that wasn’t the biggest distraction I don’t know what is. Like I would rather have the vacuum turned on or the kids come running in the back door with their friends. I vow, because of this, to NEVER EVER watch ‘the Closer.’

This is only one incident of a constant barrage of advertising all over my TV screen. I was watching an NBA game and there was a box advertising something that covered up the bottom half of the score. I couldn’t tell if the one digit was an 8, 9 or 3. and then who cares what station they are watching, I don’t watch TV shows because they are on the station with the peacock or the eye or the WB. I watch because they have the show I want, And I want to not be distracted by some stupid character popping up at the bottom of the screen while I am caught up in the story line.

I know producers of movies don’t like the video rental companies that edit the movies and take out the nudity or the offensive language so younger kids can watch it. They feel it changes the mood or something they were trying to achieve. Well what is worse one less F**K in the world or a preview of another stupid comedy with Rob Schneider being superimposed over the work of art that this producer thinks he has created?

Maybe we all cancel Dish network and just rent the DVD series from Block buster online. Think of the time that would be saved with no commercials, no impulse TV watching and channel surfing and nobody writing frustrating blogs.

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