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Friday, December 29, 2006

let the Joy in

We are all after joy. Not the Person but the emotion. there are as many Sources of joy as there are people. Some people derive Joy from Laughing, spending time with family, friends, Lovers, watching movies, listening to music, getting lost in a hobby or Sport. Power Brings Some people Joy as does possessions or even Just the money to buy the possessions. Yip - maybe many of these things Bring all of us Joy to a certain respect in Varying degrees.

The big trick is getting joy from everything we do. For example if I’m going to throw a party for some friends tomorrow night, do I get joy out of just the time that my friends are in my pool? (this is hypothetical because I don’t have a pool, my builder gave me the option and I chose a ski lift instead) NO! I should be getting joy out of meeting them at the door.

Lady of the house: "I want you to stand at the front door and call the guests' names as they arrive."

Butler: "Very well, madam. I've been wanting to do that for years."

I should be getting joy out of the anticipation of greeting them at the door. I should be getting joy out of planning the evening. I should be getting pleasure out of preparing the food. You do realize cooking and such is a very popular hobby? It must be that there can be some joy to be squeezed out of that, we just need to live in the moment and enjoy where we are when we are there doing what we choose or even what we have to. BUT there is more! We don’t have to be caught in a traffic jam coming home from work to get the house ready for the party, we can be listening to our favorite music – I don’t know about you but I get great joy out of my music – or we can be listening to a book on tape or even talk radio. We don’t have to be frustrated waiting in a slow line at the store, we can be observing people around us or perhaps even talking with them – tell ‘em a joke, relax, calm down, organize your time or smile and look people around you in the eyes. If you can get them to smile doesn’t that create just a little joy in two lives?

The trick is we have a pretty nice life on the most part, even at work most of us are warm and dry, and if we are out in the cold are we doing something that can be rewarding with the right attitude? We all know both ends of the spectrum people who are irritated by every thing and people who are polite, pleasant and optimistic and can find something that is interesting or attractive where ever they are.


It is a choice we can make.

(maybe I should have chose the pool, the ski lift in my pool room doesn’t get used much now that the novelty has worn off)

this is my son the Kenetic-X

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