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Saturday, December 9, 2006

Dec 9 - What happened to bench Seats?

I feel sorry for young kids involved in the Dating Scene in this day and age (yip yip yip, I am Old, but still very virile)
I know that Dating has changed in a whole bundle of was since the '60's and 70's and I don't pretend to keep track of current trends.
The reason I feel sorry for the kids now is Bench Seats, or the lack there of. Oh the Joy of having the Girl slide over next to me and put her hand on my leg and draping my arm around her shoulders. If she was bold enough to slide over that was such a good sign.
It put to rest any questions of whether she would accept a good night kiss, and that was such a relief.

The purpose of this post to to declare my opion of bucket seats as of the Devil, that's right Satan was behind those bucket seats.
As a parent I like not having Bench seats for my kids to go on dates with and I hope Satan isn't behind the seat telling them to jump
in the back seat. But the Devil is continually trying to tear apart marriages and the number one tool is the bucket seat.
look at what I have found at
Divorces per 1000 of population
1960 2.2 1965 2.5
1970 3.5 1973 3.7
1976 4.0 1979 4.3
1982 4.6 1984 4.8
1985 5.0 1986 4.9
1987 4.8 1988 4.8
1989 4.7 1990 4.7
1991 4.7 1992 4.8
compare those numbers with this from
"For decades, typical American cars were generally equipped with bench seats, which permitted three-passenger seating. But the advent of compact cars and specialty vehicles, such as the Ford Thunderbird, in the early 1960s, and the sporty versions of both standard-sized and compact cars, accelerated the bucket-seat trend in domestic cars around 1960 and 1961. These developments led Detroit to offer sporty versions of their standard passenger cars (often complete with bucket seats, center consoles and floor shifters), often hooked to a four-speed manual transmission, often called "four-on-the-floor", engine gauges and fancy trim."
"By 1962, more than a million U.S. built cars were equipped with factory bucket seats, which were further popularized with the advent of the sporty compact cars, often dubbed "ponycars", such as the Ford Mustang. Introduced in 1964, the Mustang is one of the most successful new-car introductions in history."
"In later decades, as cars got smaller in order to meet increasingly stringent fuel economy standards, as well as intense competition from imported cars (particularly Japanese models), bucket seats became the standard on more and more domestic cars with each passing year. The the once-standard bench seat is now generally relegated to a few larger sedans and pickup trucks."

Notice that by the early eighties the divorce rate maxes out, and I can tell you how saturated the auto market was by that time with bucket seats, and this includes Pickups.

I could go on and on about the many subtle and not so subtle benefits, signals and remedies that are inherent in Bench seats, but you are most likely smarter then me and can see that I am right or have quit reading by now.

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